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Staff Augmentation

Our consultants can undertake special or one-time projects and provide desired results. We can also fill-in that gap when extra staffing is needed and keep down fixed labor costs. This will help management stay on track with their daily routines, meet deadlines and feel comfortable that nothing is falling through the cracks.

Our consultants can help your organization

When Time is Critical

Our consultants can assist with time-sensitive projects. If you have a time-sensitive project that needs to be executed quickly, we can help you make that tight deadline. Also, our consultants can uncover many hours that are wasted each week to quickly automate redundant tasks and improve database efficiency.

When Expertise is Needed

Having “specialty area” experts on staff is not a luxury most small organizations can afford. Tasking a staff member to seek the education and practicing knowledge in an area that will rarely be utilized is both costly and inefficient. Our consultants have the expertise to effectively and efficiently resolve issues and solve system problems on an “as-needed” basis. While consulting we will involve your staff to enable them to participate in future system maintenance and upkeep.

When Objectivity is Important

Obtaining an unbiased, objective viewpoint is important to consider. Often, an outside pair of eyes can easily tackle a tough problem that has road-blocked the internal team. Involving a consultant that is unaware of the historical politics within an organization can quickly bring new ideas and inspire your staff in new directions.

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