A custom software application may be desired to support your staff and and enhance the productivity of your organization or may be targeted to provide better and timely services to your end constituents.

Often times the off-the-shelf software applications don’t have 100% of the functionality needed to support the operations of the organization. Today’s environment requires that you introduce innovative, on-demand, on-time and on-budget business applications to meet your organizational goals.

Our custom software development process starts with understanding the business need and goals for the solution. Each project is unique and, as a result, we assist in the development of a set of requirements which drive the development of the product, ensuring that we can fit as close to 100% of the customer’s needs as possible.


Benefits of custom software development can include:

  • New functionality previously unavailable in current suite of products
  • Technology that fits your business processes and business rules
  • Improved efficiency of operations
  • Reduce the amount of hours staff spend on administrative tasks, such as data entry
  • Consistent data entry
  • Integration of systems
  • Complete 360 degree view of everything your constituents are doing
  • Competitive advantage over the competition

While we can create custom software developed on the .NET platform to fill just about any need, our core capabilities lie in system integration, database design and development, business intelligence and reporting, and database migration.


System Integration

Organizations have different departments working with constituents or customers.  Often times these departments work in silos with little to no data exchange between the departments.  Others use third-party tools, such as online, cloud-base services that collect data which need to be seamlessly downloaded and imported into an in-house database. Whatever the challenge, we believe organizations can gain a competitive advantage by having systems integrated where staff have an organization-wide picture of their information.  Let us help you create that advantage.


Database Design and Application Development

In many cases an out-of-the box software solution is not a best fit to fill a business need.  Or you may have a need to create a custom component to a software product you already own.  Some may need a simple Microsoft Access database created.  Others may require a custom data entry form. Whatever the level of database design or application development you need, we can be your trusted provider.  We will work with you to understand the business need, and come up with a creative solution to meet the need based on your technology constraints.


Business Intelligence and Reporting

What good is the data you have if you don’t have the insight into the stories the data tells you?  Most organizations are pretty good at collecting the data, but struggle with analyzing the data.  Do your executives and directors get a different view of the business than the staff fulfilling the operational needs? Do you see the trends taking place within your business alerting you to issues likely to arise in 6 months time? We can help you catalog your data, determine what data is critical to your business, identify the proper reporting solution to fit your needs, and develop the reports that will help transform the way you work.