May 2019 Raiser’s Edge Training Classes and Portland, OR User Group

Outside of the WVDO offices in Portland, OR –

We held three highly successful Raiser’s Edge training classes with our partners the Willamette Valley Development Officers in Portland, OR in February and March. It should be an exciting May as we have a free user group scheduled along with three more classes! Other classes may be added based on interest, there are discussions of an Executive class as well as a NXT class.

During our trip in February and March we were able to schedule a number of onsite consulting visits. If your organization is interested in Raiser’s Edge consulting while we are in the Pacific Northwest use our contact form to reach us.

Raiser’s Edge User’s Group gathering on May 20th

Raiser’s Edge Basics: May 21, 22, 23…/…/raisers-edge-basics0519/697/2019/05/

Raiser’s Edge Basics: May 28, 29, 30…/event/raisers-edge-basic…/698/2019/05/

Advanced Class: Crystal Reports: May 31…/raisers-edge-advanced-cr…/699/2019/05/