Jim Evans has returned to Bradford Consulting along with a new product announcement: EasyREmerge!

After a 28 month stretch with NPact.com as a Senior Solutions Consultant, I am back at Bradford Consulting! Just before COVID I joined NPact.com and began completing new client conversions and implementations directly for Blackbaud. It was great to have access to all of Blackbaud’s internal training and implementation materials. I was able to attend internal Blackbaud meetings with all of the current Blackbaud conversion and implementation coordinators and learn about the most current features and soon to be released additions.

One thing that prompted my return to Bradford Consulting was the removal of the Word interface within RE NXT, my clients needed a solution for their conditional donor acknowledgement letters that could no longer be produced in RE NXT as of February 28th, 2022. I have personally trained thousands of users how to generate a conditional donor acknowledgement letter based on a gift letter code. As of February 28, 2022 that feature of RE NXT has been removed from RE NXT halting the conditional donor acknowledgement letter process for all RE NXT users. I went right to work developing a solution and after 18 versions and vigorous testing I launched EasyREmerge! Take a moment to review the 11 minute demonstration and instructional video on the homepage of EasyREmerge

I had a great EasyREmerge release and demonstration in Texas:

I look forward to training and consulting with previous and new clients!

Jim Evans

Principal Consultant

Bradford Consulting