February 2019 Portland, OR Raiser’s Edge Training Classes

Finally some Raiser’s Edge training for nonprofits in Oregon!

If your organization is looking for more customized Raiser’s Edge training or consulting during my trip use the contact form to connect.

I teamed up with WVDO the Willamette Valley Development Officers WVDO-OR.org to offer a few Raiser’s Edge training classes in Portland in February. I will also be available in the area for some custom onsite training and consulting as needed.
If you are looking for some basic or advanced trainings here are the registration links:

Basic Class starting February 18:  https://wvdo-or.org/calendar-listings/event/raisers-edge-basics/671/

Basics Class starting February 26:  https://wvdo-or.org/calendar-listings/event/raisers-edge-basics2/673/

Raiser’s Edge In-Depth Reporting (Advanced) on Feb. 22:  https://wvdo-or.org/calendar-listings/event/raisers-edge-in-depth-reporting/674/

Raiser’s Edge Advanced Queries on March 1:  https://wvdo-or.org/calendar-listings/event/raisers-edge-advanced-queries/675/