Outside of the WVDO offices in Portland, OR

We held three highly successful Raiser’s Edge training classes with our partners the Willamette Valley Development Officers https://wvdo-or.org/ in Portland, OR in February and March. It should be an exciting May as we have a free user group scheduled along with three more classes! Other classes may be added based on interest, there are discussions of an Executive class as well as a NXT class.

During our trip in February and March we were able to schedule a number of onsite consulting visits. If your organization is interested in Raiser’s Edge consulting while we are in the Pacific Northwest use our contact form to reach us.

Raiser’s Edge User’s Group gathering on May 20th

Raiser’s Edge Basics: May 21, 22, 23

Raiser’s Edge Basics: May 28, 29, 30

Advanced Class: Crystal Reports: May 31

Finally some Raiser’s Edge training for nonprofits in Oregon!

If your organization is looking for more customized Raiser’s Edge training or consulting during my trip use the contact form to connect.

I teamed up with WVDO the Willamette Valley Development Officers WVDO-OR.org to offer a few Raiser’s Edge training classes in Portland in February. I will also be available in the area for some custom onsite training and consulting as needed.
If you are looking for some basic or advanced trainings here are the registration links:

Basic Class starting February 18:  https://wvdo-or.org/calendar-listings/event/raisers-edge-basics/671/

Basics Class starting February 26:  https://wvdo-or.org/calendar-listings/event/raisers-edge-basics2/673/

Raiser’s Edge In-Depth Reporting (Advanced) on Feb. 22:  https://wvdo-or.org/calendar-listings/event/raisers-edge-in-depth-reporting/674/

Raiser’s Edge Advanced Queries on March 1:  https://wvdo-or.org/calendar-listings/event/raisers-edge-advanced-queries/675/

After lots of testing and requests from our clients and other consultants we finally launched our new Raiser’s Edge import tool aptly named EasyREimport and it’s now available at EasyREimport.com



Raiser’s Edge Imports Simplified

We Believe that Raiser’s Edge imports should be easy.

Having been tasked with importing millions of constituent, gift and other records over the years, we originally developed EasyREimport as a consultant tool to make importing our client’s data easy. When you work with data, you can never have have too many tools. A few other consultants have asked to use EasyREimport, as not all their clients have purchased third party software designed to import data. Eventually we decided to offer it to all Raiser’s Edge users. EasyREimport makes importing any data file into the Raiser’s Edge easy, hence the name EasyREimport.

The Problem and Challenge

Nonprofits utilize many various third party donation tools resulting in numerous spreadsheets of constituents and gifts. Bank lockboxes, Crowdrise and other similar fundraising websites, text to give programs, payroll deduction automation are all example data sources. These constituents and gifts need to be imported into the Raiser’s Edge database. The challenge is that if the constituent record already exists, we need to update that record with a new gift and not create a duplicate constituent record. EasyREimport creates one import file containing all the new constituent records, and another file that contains the gifts for both the new and existing constituent records.

The Solution

EasyREimport was designed primarily to take a spreadsheet of constituents AND gifts and quickly create exactly formatted Raiser’s Edge import files. Note: If your data contains only constituent records without gifts EasyREimport makes quick work of those also.
The resulting perfectly formatted files only need to be run through Raiser’s Edge Administration / Import.


Our principal consultant, Jim Evans, is sailing the “Mac” this summer and working with some midwest clients while he trains with the team!

The Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac is a 333-mile annual yacht race starting in Lake Michigan off Chicago, Illinois, and ending in Lake Huron off Mackinac Island, Michigan. It is hosted and managed by the Chicago Yacht Club. Chicago Yacht Club – Race to Mackinac

Our principal consultant is an avid sailor based in Charleston, SC and has been asked to join a team to race in this historic event.

Jim will be working in the area with a few midwest clients before the start on Saturday, July 21st. If you are a midwest based nonprofit looking for Raiser’s Edge, NXT or other database consulting contact us for scheduling!

Jim Evans Charleston Race Week

Eclipse 2017

On August 21, 2017 there was a total solar eclipse that cast a shadow across the entire United States and Charleston, SC was the last city in its path to see the spectacle.

The rays of light surrounding the eclipse were described by one newscaster as the, “Constituencies of light” emanating from the sun. Working with a donor database which considers all of the records in the database, “Constituents” this phrase made sense to me. But I had never heard it used this way and it elicited a past memory. A constituent can be defined as a body of customers or supporters. If a nonprofit is the sun, does it emanate constituencies of light, or does it work the other way, or both?

I remember the day well having spent a few summer weeks onsite reviewing the database of a nonprofit that was founded with the efforts of John F. Kennedy in Washington, DC.  That morning was my big presentation to the leadership and I was to describe what I found in my database research and pitch them on services my company could provide moving forward. This was a big opportunity.

Commuting to the client headquarters that morning in stereotypical Washington, DC fashion I took the Metro and stopped at a local coffee house all the while reviewing my notes and gearing up for my presentation.

When I arrived, I was taken to a large board room filled with the executive leadership who would be deciding, based on my presentation, whether or not to hire me and utilize the services my firm was offering.

After some standard and polite introductions, just as I was getting started, I mentioned the nonprofits constituents, how many they had in their database and the accuracy and structure of their data. Before I could get any further the most senior leader stopped me and asked, “What is a constituent?” Granted, this is a term I have been throwing around for years and rooted in the Raiser’s Edge database that I spend my time working on. But her question threw me off base for a moment, as no one had ever asked me this before, and I assumed it was a common lexicon. I gave her the dictionary definition and some examples, but that question and specific moment stuck with me. A nonprofit leader was asking an amazing question about what her constituent database, her constituents, meant to her and her organization. I think everyone in the room paused for a moment and appreciated her question.

Years later, viewing the eclipse with a heat index nearing 100 degrees, it dawned on me as I heard this new expression and saw the, “Constituencies of light” emanating so dramatically from the sun. It all started making sense.

The many diverse nonprofits that I have worked with over the last twenty years including schools, churches, universities, hospitals, museums, foundations and a multitude of groups like this one that don’t fall neatly into a specific category, are all dependent on their constituents, and most have constituents that greatly depend on them.

Looking up at the sun with some silly looking glasses that warm summer day gave me some time to think about these, “Constituencies of light” and how they impact all of us. Do you know who your constituents are?

Open the document – How can search engine marketing techniques enhance a nonprofit’s online visibility?

The core of this research conducted ten years ago is still valuable today. While search engine marketing and website ranking are always evolving you have to know the basics to implement a sound strategy.

This research was undertaken to examine literature relating to the ways in which search engine marketing (SEM) techniques can enhance a nonprofit organization’s online visibility. If someone is using the Internet to find information about a nonprofit, how likely are they to find what they are looking for? This research also sought to address what information is found after a Web site is located. If a nonprofit’s Web site is not effective, how does that further its cause?

Are you unhappy with your current website and content management system? Is your staff manually entering online donations into your Raiser’s Edge database? Are you ready for a website overhaul that uses the latest technology to engage your supporters and easily synchronizes online data with the Raiser’s Edge? Well look no further! Bradford Consulting Group, LLC and Forte Interactive can help solve these problems by providing you with an affordable, feature rich, and engaging website that easily synchronizes data collected online with the Raiser’s Edge.

Click the following link to watch the video http://www.bradfordllc.com/TrustedSync

Forte Interactive has been serving the nonprofit community for more than a decade by providing cutting edge website design and custom software to manage every aspect of your nonprofit’s online needs. Forte’s TrustedPartner Nonprofit Web CMS allows nonprofits to manage online donations, recurring gifts, honor or memorial donations, event registration, and much more. In addition, it is one of few solutions that easily synchronizes with the Raiser’s Edge through the application TrustedSync.

TrustedSync, developed by Bradford Consulting Group, LLC in conjunction with Forte Interactive, Inc is an application that works as a bridge to automatically synchronize your online donor profiles and activity to your offline Raiser’s Edge Implementation. TrustedSync helps organizations improve efficiency and reduce frustration by automatically synchronizing constituent profile, donation and event registration information between your TrustedPartner website and the Raiser’s Edge with just a few keystrokes. Many organizations that accept online donations are faced with the tedious task of manually inputting donor information and transactions into their Raiser’s Edge database. TrustedSync eliminates this daunting task, significantly reducing staff time and efforts.

If you would like to set up a time to talk about how TrustedSync can help your organization, please feel free to contact us directly. I can also arrange a call with Forte Interactive if you are interested in overhauling your current website.

Click the following link to watch the video http://www.bradfordllc.com/TrustedSync